What do I do when involved in a car accident?

Keep calm take a look at your immediate surroundings, including the passengers in your vehicle.

Minor crash: Pull over to the side

Major crash: Stay where you are

  • Check for any injuries to all parties

  • Remain calm before you make any statements to the police or insurance personnel

  • Call 911 to report the collision and ask for assistance if needed

  • Contact your insurance company as soon as you're in a safe place

  • Contact your body shop

  • Be courteous and tactful to all parties


What information do I gather in a car accident?

  • Drivers License (First and Last name, DOB, license #, and full address)

  • Insurance information (Name of insurance, policy number, and phone number of insurance

  • Time, date, and location of accident

  • VERY IMPORTANT: take photos of drivers license, insurance card, and ALL damages to all vehicles involved (just in case any other party claims another damage that was not part of the original collision)

We can assist you with the claim process. It can get very nerve racking at this time and that is where our office staff are highly trained to help you remain calm and answer any questions you may still have. Do not worry we are in this together.


Do I need an estimate first?

No you do not, although you can request as many as you'd like, it is unecessary. The only obligation needed from you is to choose the shop of your choice. In most cases, your vehicle will require disassembly of damaged parts so there can be an accurate estimate of the damages. Driving from shop to shop collecting estimates of only the visible damages can be an unnecessary waste of your time. Remember to choose a shop based on its reputation, ability to repair your car, and its warranty. Once chosen, you can leave the car there to have them work with your insurance company, as well as perform any required disasembly to produce a complete and accurate estimate.


Can you tell me over the phone how much my repair will be?

It is impossible for us to do an estimate over the phone, even with pictures via e-mail or text. Every collision is different. What may look like a minor damage collision may turn out to have hidden damages and become a major damage collision. The best thing to do is to take some time at your convenience and drop by for a free estimate.


What if my car is not drivable?

We understand that driving on the road with broken headlamps, taillamps, lose seatbelts, airbag deployment, or major damage to the suspension system will make the car non-drivable. We offer mobile estimates for your convenience by appointment only. These estimates are not accuate do to any hidden damages that cannot be visibly seen. We offer towing services to bring your vehicle back to the shop to do an accuate estimate.






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